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  1. Our Business 事業介紹
  2. Metalworking Chemicals 金屬加工化學品

Metalworking Chemicals 金屬加工化學品

Pretreatment Agent               前処理剤

Dry Wire Drawing Lubricant   乾式伸線用潤滑剤

Wet Wire Drawing Lubricant  湿式伸線用潤滑剤
(Oil/Soluble Based 油系/水系)

Lubricant                                潤滑剤
                                                                                         (Oil/Soluble Based 油系/水系)

                                                                   Detergent                               洗浄剤

                                                                   Neutral Deruster                     中性脱錆剤

                                                                   Corrosion Inhibitor                   防錆剤
                                                                                        (Vapor/Oil/Soluble Based 気化性/油性/水溶性樹脂系)

                                                                   Antiseptics and Fungicides       防腐・防カビ剤

                                                                   Acrylic Organic Binder              アクリル系バインダー

                                                                   Dispersant                                分散剤

                                                                   Nail Coater                                釘用コート剤